A Social Enterprise

MyAsianVoice is a national online research data and services business bridging the Asian data gap. We connect Asian Americans to research and polling by making surveys accessible.

Increasing Asian data: The average and median Asian data often masks the diversity and disparities within Asians in America. Decision makers require disaggregated Asian data to make better policy and business decisions.

Making access easier: MyAsianVoice is making research and polling accessible to Asian Americans, so policy and business outcomes better serve our community.

MyAsianVoice will never share nor sell your information and will not sell to you.

Our Solution

Our Mission

At MyAsianVoice, our mission is to increase Asian representation through data in the U.S.

Our Phased Plan

Phase 1: Build up the Asian respondent/participant base
Phase 2: Build out of institutional relationships
Phase 3: Establish MyAsianVoice as a trusted platform to Asian data

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