A Social Enterprise

MyAsianVoice LLC is a business focused on increasing Asian female visibility through data in the U.S.

We bridge institutions and government to our collective for data equity, data disaggregation, polling, surveys and research so that Asian representation is included.

Invisibility Faced by Asian Females: Asian females are underheard, understudied, and overlooked in America. Our diversity and data are often not reflected in media, research, or government.

Challenges Faced by Institutions and Government: Institutions and government bear hidden costs in not capturing the Asian American female appropriately, and face access challenges to Asian female data. Current available data do not disaggregate for the intersection of gender, race and culture.

MyAsianVoice will never share nor sell your information and will not sell to you.

Our Solution

Our Mission

At MyAsianVoice, our mission is to increase Asian female visibility through data in the U.S.

Our Phased Plan

Phase 1: Build up the Asian female collective
Phase 2: Build out of institutional relationships
Phase 3: Establish the MyAsianVoice venture fund to invest in the Asian female

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