$1.3 Trillion in Purchasing Power

According to Nielson, the collective purchasing power of Asian Americans is over $1 trillion, growing 314% between 2000 and 2019, far exceeding the increase in purchasing power of all other racial and ethnic groups over the same period. For comparison, the total U.S. buying power grew 119% during the same period. Yet, Asian American purchasing power is expected to grow.

3 Million AAPI-Owned Businesses

There are 3 million AAPI-owned businesses and 643,000 Asian employer firms in the United States. AAPI employer-owned businesses represent nearly 13 percent of all employer businesses, contribute more $1.0 trillion in receipts and more than 5.2 million jobs to the U.S. economy. AAPI-owned employer businesses have outperformed non-minority-owned businesses in terms of growth in number of businesses and employees, as well as in growth of gross receipts.

Our outsized contributions

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