Asian Women in Public Service

Patsy Mink was the first Asian American woman to be elected to Congress in 1965. Since then, Asian Americans are making strides in politics, culminating so far with Kamala Harris (who is Black and South Asian) as Vice President in 2020.

Yet despite this, Asian Americans are severely under-represented in government and public service. Mid-2020 figures show that only 0.9% of elected offices were held by Asian Americans and a mere 0.34% by Asian women. More Asian Americans have been elected into office since, but we are still a long way from our representation of 7% of America. (See Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in Congress past and present.)

More of us need to run for office and more of us are becoming politically active. We are asking how?

MyAsianVoice partnered* with Tammy Meinershagen, the first Asian American council member of Frisco, Texas, to demystify public service. Tammy aims to inspire more Asians to go into public and civic service to drive change.

*There is no financial relationship between MyAsianVoice and its experts.

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About Tammy

Tammy Meinershagen is a second generation Korean-American and lives in Frisco, Texas since 2004. She is the first Asian-American to serve on Frisco City Council. Tammy has more than a decade of community service through many organizations. Her impactful work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Dallas CEO Magazine, Korea Daily News, KERA, WFAA, Frisco Style, Local Profile, and more.

Since joining the Frisco City Council in 2022, Tammy has approved projects that address the Top 10 Council Priorities and increase the quality of life of diverse citizens. Tammy serves on the Mayor’s Veterans Advisory Committee, is a Council Liaison for the Frisco Inclusion Committee, and Vice Chair of the Legislative Committee. Tammy also currently serves on the Advisory Boards of Leadership Prep School, Legacy Christian Academy, Frisco Arts Foundation, and the Texas Women’s Foundation’s Orchid Giving Circle. Tammy previously served on the Frisco Citizen Bond Committee, Public Art Board, Frisco Council of PTA’s, Collin Corporate College Nonprofit Advisory Board, FISD’s Independent Study/Mentorship program and Business Incubator EDU program, coaching student entrepreneurs.

Professionally, Tammy is Chief Innovation Officer at Blackshaw Partners LLC, a 40-year global executive search firm serving blue-chip multinationals and private equity clients. Prior to joining Blackshaw Partners, Tammy was a nonprofit executive and business consultant, advising clients on strategic branding, targeted marketing, and effective digital presence.

Originally from Chicago, IL and a graduate of Northwestern University, Tammy and her husband, Todd, have three daughters Ellie, Chloe, and Sophie. A lifelong musician, Tammy enjoys playing her violin and beloved Steinway piano in her spare time.