Angel Capital, Impact Investing

Joyce Lin Fredericks

  • Co-Founder, Illustro Initiative Inc. (a consulting and investment venture)
  • A decade of experience investing in early stage businesses in life sciences, technology and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Graduate from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce in economics and finance

Focus and Reality

  • Investing with impact
  • Supporting female entrepreneurship through consulting and peak performance coaching
  • Women want their money have an impact and are more likely to engage in ESG investing


Why She Cares

Joyce Fredericks is the co-founder of Illustro Initiative Inc., a consulting and investment venture dedicated to advancing initiatives that improve the health of our future, with a focus on breakthroughs in the life sciences, supporting female entrepreneurship and fighting climate change.

Prior to co-founding Illustro Initiative Inc. in 2011, Joyce worked in sales and brand management at Campbell Soup Company, before moving onto her own entrepreneurial adventures, including travel blogging and starting her own fitness business, where she was named Huffington Post’s 50 best healthy living and fitness tweeters.

The birth of her twin daughters in 2016 inspired her and her husband to more closely align their work to their deepest intentions of shaping a healthier future for generations to come.

Joyce is an expert in distilling purpose, transforming ideas into tangible next steps and asking (tough) questions to discover true potential.

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