Tech Start-up

Sesha Kadakia

  • Co-founder and CEO, Tangify
  • Prior expertise included credit investments at Angelo Gordon and credit research and trading at Citigroup
  • Holds an Executive MSc in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris
  • Graduate of the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business with a Bachelors in Business Administration

Focus and Reality

  • Helping underrepresented founders. Venture capital access is still nearly shut for solely women-founded start-ups
  • U.S. startups with all-women founders received 2.1% of venture capital dollars in 2022 according to PitchBook

Why She Cares

Sesha Kadakia is the co-founder & CEO of Tangify, a startup that is consumerizing patent access to help underrepresented founders more effectively tap into innovation capital and venture creation opportunities.

In evaluating hundreds of companies for potential investment and meeting various management teams, she found herself often being the only female in the room. The data shows that it isn’t a pipeline problem but a funding one.  She started Tangify because she believes in its potential to level the playing field and democratize access to innovation capital. She knows how imposter syndrome can feel, especially for Asian women occupying spaces where they aren’t well-represented.

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