Executive Leadership

Vivian James Rigney

  • President and CEO of Inside Us LLC
  • Author of Naked at the Knife-edge
  • Renowned speaker and expert on mindset and behavior
  • Graduate of Ecole Nationale Des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris, and Dublin Business School

Focus and Reality

  • Helping people reveal the best version of themselves
  • Recognizing internal drivers and inherent strengths, leading to authentic and impactful leadership

Why He Cares

Vivian James Rigney is President and CEO of Inside Us LLC, a boutique executive coaching consultancy operating throughout five continents. Vivian James Rigney is a leader in the field of Peak Performance and has helped implement leadership development initiatives for some of the world’s leading companies and their executive teams.  The acclaimed Peak Performance Coaching Program, developed over the last 25 years, helps accelerate outstanding business performance through personal development.

The quest for personal success can often be a lonely journey. As an executive coach, Vivian becomes a trusted partner, known for building strong rapport and asking tough, incisive questions, with an uncanny ability to help people reveal the best version of themselves.

He is a renowned speaker and expert on mindset and behavior whose talks and presentations have inspired audiences globally. A native of Ireland, he has lived in the U.K., Germany, South Africa, France, Finland, and currently resides in New York City.

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On Leadership with Vivian James Rigney and Adena Friedman, CEO of NASDAQ


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