Asian Women In Leadership

Underrepresented and Underleveraged at the highest levels in corporate America

MyAsianVoice partnered* with Dr. Yon Na, PhD, Organizational Psychologist/Researcher/Executive Coach, on a four-part series aimed at offering relevant and concrete insights from her research to Asian women, particularly Asian immigrant women, in reaching to the top.

Four-Part Series:
Finding 1: The Evolution of Personal Values Into Leadership Style
Finding 2: Leveraging Support and Guidance From the Community
Finding 3: Achieving Meaningful Results Through Strategic Communication
Finding 4: Effective Contextual Shifting

*There is no financial relationship between MyAsianVoice and its experts.

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About Yon

Dr. Yon Na, PhD is an organizational psychologist, researcher and executive coach. She is also the founder of Yon Na Consulting LLC and Radiance HQ (an organization dedicated to advancing Asian women in the workplace). Dr. Na belongs to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Society of Consulting Psychology, Society for the Psychology of Women and finds time to teach professional psychology as an Adjunct Professor at Alliant International University.

Since 2009, Dr. Na has been passionate about changing the narrative about Asian women. Her main research area focuses on the experiences of Asian immigrant women and their journeys into corporate leadership. By sharing her research, Yon’s goal is to help Asian women accelerate their advancement in corporate America. Yon believes that it’s imperative for Asian women to design a career path that aligns with being a bicultural woman.

Moreover, Dr. Na has over 20 years of corporate experience in Leadership and Organization Development and Human Resources Management. Yon has has worked for Fortune 100 and high-growth companies including Warner Bros. Entertainment, The New York Times, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, and Nordstrom. Dr. Na was the Primary Investigator and Co-Author of the 2020 Asian American Executive Leadership Report in collaboration with LEAP (Leadership Education For Asian Pacifics).

Her latest research (July 2022): Underrepresented and underleveraged: Developing the leadership potential of women of Asian descent in the American Psychological Association’s Consulting Psychology Journal